Realtor® Holly Meyer Lucas: Hitting a Home Run

Realtor® Holly Meyer Lucas: Hitting a Home Run

JUPITER, Fla. Being the wife of a professional baseball player wasn’t easy. “We moved so frequently, and it was hard on us,” says Holly Meyer Lucas, a sales associate and leader of the Meyer Lucas team at Compass Real Estate in Jupiter. In fact, when her husband Ed Lucas got called up to the big leagues, Meyer Lucas was pregnant with her first son.

“We were in New Orleans and we had to fly to Miami, and he played that week,” she recalls. “The next game was in New York, and I realized, ‘I have to go back to New Orleans, get our cars, pack up our apartment and get back to Miami’ – all while pregnant. He was in the minors for 10 years, so [playing in the majors] was the single greatest moment of our lives, other than the birth of our children, but it was also very stressful.”

That’s why, three years ago, when her husband retired and became a baseball coach (currently with the Miami Marlins), Meyer Lucas decided to get into real estate to help sports families relocate with ease.

“We have four teams in our area for spring training, and it’s so hard to find that spring training rental. I want to make it easier,” she says. Through her experience, she is helping sports families through stressful moves.

Meyer Lucas adds, “It’s important to make these early moves less stressful. There’s so much involved in these moves. I have a staff who helps with concierge services, delivering cars, moving furniture and more.

“The wife is usually the one searching for housing. The listing or leasing agent doesn’t know that the husband is a famous athlete, so they don’t understand why certain things need to be written into a lease due to [a league’s] collective bargaining agreement.”

Meyer Lucas recalls one story that she still makes her laugh.

She explains, “I was showing a home to a very famous baseball player’s wife and two daughters. The baseball player doesn’t go on house hunts because he is so recognizable.”

While walking through a home, the baseball player appeared on television, and the girls pointed to the TV and said, “Daddy!” The listing agent just smiled awkwardly as she had no idea that the person on TV was, in fact, the girls’ dad.

“I had signed a confidentiality agreement so couldn’t confirm it. The wife didn’t know what to say, and it was so awkward,” Meyer Lucas says.

Understanding the lifestyle of a pro athlete and their family is vital, she says.

“People like to talk about athletes’ wives being demanding or high maintenance,” Meyer Lucas says. “The truth is, this woman probably just got off a plane dragging two kids, car seats and her entire life to a new city. Be empathetic and go above and beyond; you’ll easily win their loyalty.”

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