About Florida Realtors®

Florida Realtors® is a professional trade association for licensed real estate practitioners, and serves as the statewide organization for 51 local and regional Realtor® associations or boards in Florida. Membership is voluntary, and consists of both residential and commercial agents and brokers, as well as appraisers, real estate counselors, property managers and many other real estate specialists and related industry affiliates. Florida Realtors’ membership currently totals about 195,000 real estate licensees. It’s the largest professional trade association in the Sunshine State.

Florida Realtors Fact Sheet


Who: Florida Realtors’ members

The term Realtor® is an exclusive registered designation for members of the National Association of Realtors®. NAR has about 1.3 million members in the United States. Only those licensed real estate professionals who have joined their respective local Realtor association, Florida Realtors and NAR may use the registered trademark term Realtor. Membership in the Realtor organization usually begins with a local Realtor association or board – through their local association, the Realtor automatically becomes a member of Florida Realtors and NAR.

What: Florida Realtors’ mission

Florida Realtors® mission is to support the American dream of homeownership, build strong communities and shape public policy on real property issues. It strives to encourage, promote and teach consistent standards for ethical practice and professionalism; and partners with local boards/associations to provide the information and tools members need to succeed.

Florida Realtors works to position its Realtor members as the primary source for real estate services and to promote a positive professional image of the state’s Realtors. Florida Realtors supports public policy initiatives that preserve private property rights, protect Florida residents and visitors’ quality of life, expand homeownership opportunities, and enhance members’ ability to serve consumers and conduct business. A strong advocate of equal opportunity and housing for all, the state association offers continued educational training, professional standards services and courses to help members understand and follow state and federal laws, as well as the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Why: Benefits of Realtor membership

Working cooperatively with local Realtor associations and NAR, Florida Realtors provides numerous programs and services designed to promote the business interests and career goals of real estate professionals, as well as increase their knowledge, expertise and value to the consumer. The state association’s educational programs, industry publications and communications services offer real estate licensees the opportunity to learn new, cutting-edge business skills that will increase their earning potential. Florida Realtors’ legal assistance programs provide members with timely advice on legal and ethical matters while reducing exposure to liability.

When: Florida Realtors’ history

In 1916, 68 real estate brokers from 16 Florida communities gathered in Jacksonville for the industry’s first state convention. That meeting marked the beginning of a vision and set into motion Florida Realtors’ ongoing mission to serve its Realtor members and the people who make their home in the Sunshine State. Since that humble beginning, the state’s Realtors have helped millions of Floridians achieve the American dream of homeownership, create new businesses and establish roots in their communities.

Where: Florida Realtors’ locations

Florida Realtors has two offices: its Orlando headquarters at 7025 Augusta National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822 ; and its Public Policy office at 200 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32301. The Orlando phone number is 407.438.1400. The Tallahassee office phone number is 850.224.1400. Offices are open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Florida Realtors’ member website is www.floridarealtors.org; its media center website is www.media.floridarealtors.org.

Orlando Headquarters

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Public Policy Tallahassee Office

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How: Using the term Realtor®

According to The Associated Press Stylebook, the first “R” in the word “Realtor®” should always be capitalized because it is a trademark or service mark reserved exclusively to refer to a member of a local Realtor organization as well as the state and national associations.